Florenza: X Anniversary Edition

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Stefano Groppi


Placentia Games


Sara Gioria

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Stefano Groppi


Placentia Games


Originally released in 2010, Florenza is a high complexity resource management game, in which accurate planning and precise management of workers and resources are crucial to victory. No mistake will be forgiven.Description: In this new edition you’ll find:NEW RULES New Workshops for an increased strategic diversity Addition of Captains of Fortune for an increased tactical diversity Smoother and more elegant management of different aspects of the game Reduced duration compared to the original game, with no loss in game depthSOLO MODE Option to play against one or more virtual opponents Four difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, MasterpieceNEW GRAPHICS AND MATERIALS Modern and captivating style Improved visibility of key elements on the table Upgraded game materials More than 500 game elements-description from the publisher

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